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Infra Bike

Infra Bike – horizontal Vacu

Combination of a cardio exercise bike with vacuum and infrared. Infra Bike is an alternative way of using a vacu slimming device. The lying position eliminates excessive back and lower limbs strain.

It is intended mainly for people suffering from various spine problems, joint and back pain. Users can alternate between Infra Bike and Vacu Magic Slim Line to make their slimming and cellulite reduction experience more interesting as both devices bring the same fast results.


User-friendly multimedia interface.

All devices are equipped with an LCD touch screen and software that provides simple and user-friendly navigation in easily accessible settings.

Visual menu allows for quick access and control via convenient buttons and sliders. The interface has a built-in Multivision option – virtual jogging simulator. It is also compatible with Magic Cloud software. It can be remotely controlled and create exercise statistics for users.

Benefits of using a Vacu device

  • elimination of cellulite –  so-called “orange peel”
  • accelerated metabolism and quick burning of calories from “problematic areas”
  • quick reduction of adipose tissue,
  • improves lymphatic and circulatory systems,
  • improvement of the general blood supply
  • skin firming,
  • body detoxification, stimulates excretion of harmful metabolic products

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