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Do you dream about independence? Do you want to convert your passion to fitness and taking care of your figure into a profitable business?
We will help you fulfill your dreams about your own company.
We offer a business idea with great potential: Body Sculpting Studio.

No fees, no taking part of your profits and sticking to pre-established procedures.

We help you choose body sculpting devices (to maximize your Studio effectiveness and fit within a given budget) and help you start your business.
You independently manage the Studio, decide on its visual identity and set the rules of operation yourself!

We can also help you to incorporate our devices into your gym or fitness & welness centre.

What will you gain?

Know How

ready idea for a profitable business


from an experienced consultant

Use of Fitnesswell logo

brand that has won the trust of customers from all over the world

Latest Fitnesswell equipment

innovative equipment, proven effective for thousands of people in weight reduction, cellulite reduction and optaining a slender figure,

After-sales support

immediate help after purchase with ongoing engagement

Marketing support

modern templates of leaflets, promo movies, banners, photos and passes

Well-tried studio promotion models

models that allow you run your studio with profit

Professional training

treatments and tricks used by personal trainers, hints to help your customers in achieving their dream body

What will your clients gain?


Our devices:

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