Line of rollmassage devices by Fitnesswell


Rolling Star - Rollmassage with infrared.

The basic model. It is equipped with an IR lamp, which raises the body temperature, speeding up metabolism and reduces "orange peel". Colourtherapy gets you in a good mood and helps you relax. The photocells placed under the drum ensure protection. The motor stops immediately making the device the safest on the market.

Roll Magic - Rollmassage with collagen.

The successor to the basic model. New design, additional training programs and a collagen lamp. The collagen lamp allows for achieving better results - we used the appropriate wavelength and the correct dose of light to rejuvenate the skin while maintaining the benefits of an infrared lamp.


Roll Magic Beauty Line - effective slimming

New, dynamic shape of balusters and faster turnover make it more effective. In line with customer expectations model was designed in a laminate body that we can make in selected RAL colors. Touch control panel allows to expand the use of the device with helpful functions: displaying the position on the screen and voice guidance.

Touch panel

Position display

The screen of the touch panel displays current position that the practitioner should take during their workout. This feature ensures a correct massage session with maximizing results. With this feature, we do not need a wall poster with a list of training items.

Voice guide

Vocal signals that tell when user needs to change their position so he can prepare for the changes. For people familiar with the device voice guide is enough to adopt to the correct position during training.

Convenient operation

In an era tablets and smartphones Touch Control has already become one of the natural ways of handling equipment. The menu and interface are clear and legible. In just a few steps you'll set all the necessary options and start training.

Rollmasaż z panelem dotykowym
Manual or touch panel.
Bi-directional drum. Up to 90 rev./Min
(Roll Magic)
Laminate body in any RAL color.
Photocell system immediately stops the machine if anything gets below the drum.
Colour therapy has a positive effect on mood.
Removable side panels. Only 50cm wide with sides apart.
Soft upholstered items in chosen color of PU leather.
Rotary balusters of natural beech wood.
Voice guidance. Voice guide.
Collagen lamp mounted in the middle of the drum.

Device Control at your fingertips

Starting and stopping

  • control up to 10 devices
  • independent start and end session
  • individual settings

Checking the time

  • remote time setting for each session
  • checking the training progress
  • inspect all devices

Only with touch models

  • wifi functions only on devices with touch panel
  • Vacu Magic, Roll Magic Beauty Line, Magic Vib
  • compatible only with Fitnesswell devices


  • quick service from one place
  • no need for an extra employee
  • clear and intuitive interface