Massage benefits


Body figure and muscles

Rapid weight loss
Rollmassage in combination with radiation brings immediate slimming effect. Often only after the first treatment visible results can be seen. Massage causes involuntary muscle work, breaks down fatty tissue and stimulates the body to burn calories. The effectiveness of this device for weight loss has made it popular worldwide.
In post-traumatic rehabilitation rollmassage relaxes the muscles and prepares them for heavier work. Light of the lamp, its warmth and the friction from balusters - all achieve an additional analgesic effect.
Body sculpting
Reducing the percentage of fat in the body and firming the tissues lead to emphasize the muscles and overal fit body figure.


Cellulite reduction
Rollmassage very effectively and rapidly reduces cellulite. Breaking up of fat deposits which are then quickly distributed through improved circulation and widening blood vessels. The effect is visible after a few sessions and continues to last for a long time. The device is used for this purpose in fitness centers, cosmetic centres and SPA.
Firmness, elasticity
It works cosmetically. Firms the skin - it becomes better nourished. Immediately after the massage skin gets pink and warm. Collagen improves skin elasticity by providing it with adequate nutrition and hydration.
Scars, skin color
Collagen and massage shallow and soften scars and keloids. Reduce adhesions and bumps. Collagen removes discoloration of the skin. Under the influence of the lamp accelerates collagen regeneration of the epidermis and its exfoliation.

Circulatory and lymphatic systems

Stasis and swelling
It relieves the symptoms of stasis, accelerates the absorption of edema, facilitates the outflow of venous blood. Rollmassage also helps to improve anticoagulation, blood and lymph circulation.
Massage stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system to work, providing more oxygen and nutrients to your organs.
The resistance of blood in the arteries is reduced, which helps the heart. Under the influence of massage, blood vessels expand and blood circulation rate increases.

The nervous system

Receptor sensitivity
Massage improves superficial and deep feeling.
Increases the number of connections between neurons. Activation and improved conduction of nerve signals.
Colour therapy and relaxing massage has relaxing effect on the body. It allows your body to loosen up and improves overal mood.