Massage course

Off Roading
  • StopyStopy
  • ŁydkiŁydki
  • Udo prawe zewnętrzneUdo prawe zewnętrzne
  • Udo lewe zewnętrzneUdo lewe zewnętrzne

Minimum time for each massage is 4 minutes. After this time this time, the massaged part of the body starts to shape up! The length of the massage is tailored to the individual needs of each person.

Feet: Massage should last for approx. 4 minutes. It causes pain relief and is very relaxing. Foot massage always start the cycle.

Calves: Massage used on calves eliminates muscle fatigue, shapes calves.

Thighs - the outer side: Elimination of fat.

  • Uda wewnętrzneUda wewnętrzne
  • Uda przódUda przód
  • Uda tyłUda tył
  • PośladkiPośladki

Thighs - inner side: Important massage for muscles to stiffen the inside of the thigh. Massage desirable during each cycle.

Thighs on the back: Elimination of fat, strengthen of the glutes, thighs and buttocks shaping. The length of the massage is tailored to the individual needs (adipose tissue thickness and the degree of cellulite).

Buttocks: Elimination of body fat, strengthening of the gluteal muscles, shaping and raising the buttocks.

  • Talia/biodro leweTalia/biodro lewe
  • Talia/biodro praweTalia/biodro prawe
  • BrzuchBrzuch
  • PlecyPlecy

Hips and Waist: Shaping figure.

Back: massage eliminates muscle pain and fatigue. Massage your back while sitting on the floor or kneeling.

  • Ręka/dłoń lewaRęka/dłoń lewa
  • Ręka/dłoń prawaRęka/dłoń prawa

Arms and hands: Massage starts from massaging the hand, then the forearm and upwards. Decreases body fat.

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